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Aspirin by Triska

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Animated video for the song „ASPIRIN" by the Munich based band TRISKA.
made by Andreas Fischer (

„Aspirin“ by TRISKA from the 2015 album „Get Well Soon“ (redwinetunes, rough trade)

The band members are: Heidi Triska (voice, melodica, glockenspiel), Gerald Huber (nylon string guitar, backing vocals, e-bass), Hannes Frisch (steel string guitar, backing vocals, e-guitar) Francesca E. (percussion, backing vocals) Arya Witte (drums). On the album accompanied by Bonifaz Prexl (keys and organ) and live by Alessio Mattia (e-bass).

Thanks for stopping by and your attention. Hope you liked it. The Band is great!
Looking forward to seeing you again on YouTube or elsewhere . . .
maybe live . . .