• Aspirin by Triska

Animated video for the song „ASPIRIN" by the Munich based band TRISKA.
made by Andreas Fischer (magamat.net)

„Aspirin“ by TRISKA from the 2015 album „Get Well Soon“ (redwinetunes, rough trade)

The band members are: Heidi Triska (voice, melodica, glockenspiel), Gerald Huber (nylon string guitar, backing vocals, e-bass), Hannes Frisch (steel string guitar, backing vocals, e-guitar) Francesca E. (percussion, backing vocals) Arya Witte (drums). On the album accompanied by Bonifaz Prexl (keys and organ) and live by Alessio Mattia (e-bass).

Thanks for stopping by and your attention. Hope you liked it. The Band is great!
Looking forward to seeing you again on YouTube or elsewhere . . .
maybe live . . .